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Become a Foster Home

Volunteers are needed in order to rescue pets, care for them, and place them in loving homes. Our foster program has allowed us to save animals before having a “brick and mortar” facility to house them.

The purpose of a foster home is to provide a home environment while evaluating the animal’s behavior around other pets, children, and to observe their personality, attitude, and temperament. Most rescued pets need help with something, whether it be house training, separation anxiety, shyness, jumping, or just manners. Our fosters help them become better pets and more adoptable. They are not expected to handle the more serious problems, we can use professional help for that.

A lot of people are hesitant to try fostering because it is easy to grow attached to a rescue and it can be hard to leave them. So what is the worst thing that can happen? You gain another wonderful addition to your family or you will have wonderful memories of the cat or dog in your home. You will feel great about helping them find their forever home.

Families who are interested in fostering will fill out an application form. After the approval, a contract is signed. The foster pet will go to our approved Veterinary facility for a check-up and appropriate healthcare (all provided by HSJC).

Please think about opening your home up to a wonderful homeless pet today. We can promise the experience will not be easy, but very rewarding. You may call our phone line (706) 367-1111

To apply for the foster program, please sign up online or download and complete the mail back application form.